Viewing and Ordering Photos

If you experience problems when viewing or ordering prints, please call Shutterfly Pro Galleries Customer Service at 1-800-416-1465 Option 1 (Mon-Fri 8-4 PST).  For problems other than viewing or ordering prints, send a problem report email to (the subject line and browser information will automatically be entered in the email message).  Please append any additional information about the problem to the end of the message without deleting the browser information. 

If you have an emergency that requires our immediate attention, you can reach us by phone at (650) 224-8902.

A Shutterfly Pro Galleries photo album contains pages of thumbnails of the event photos.  Click the check box below each photo you want to have printed and press the Order items button to add them to your shopping cart.  If you are viewing a slideshow of the photos, check the Add picture to order checkbox to add the displayed photo to your shopping cart.  Once you are ready to place the order, just click the Order now button.  You will be led through a few more pages to complete your order and a short time later the photos will be delivered to your door!  A Shutterfly Pro Galleries order can span photo selections from multiple albums within a gallery, but not across galleries.  If you are ordering from multiple albums in a single gallery, select the images in the first album for your order.  Once you are on the Select Sizes and Quantities page, and you have made your choices, click the <- Back : Add more pictures button to return to the current gallery page. Repeat this process for the next album until you have selected all of the images for your order.

When viewing photos, the images may look dark if your monitor is not properly calibrated, but this will not affect the quality of the prints.  The prints will have the correct color and balance between highlights, mid-tones, and shadows.  Your satisfaction with the prints is guaranteed by Shutterfly and by dabstudios.

We have added the ability for the dabstudios web site to properly work with many web browser types and versions, but you may be using a type or version we have not encountered.

Photo Organization photos are hosted by Shutterfly Pro Galleries and organized by albums and galleries.  Our website,, organizes and presents the galleries by sport or category and by school year.  Galleries contain one or more albums of photos.  Each gallery covers a season for one sports team, or one type of event for a school year.  An album contains the photos from one sports game or one event.

Notification of new Photo Albums

New game or event photo albums are posted on the dabstudios Home page and on the Galleries page.  When a sports game or event that one of your family members participate in has been processed and uploaded to our Shutterfly Pro Galleries, a message will be sent to the dabstudios twitter account.  At the beginning of a season we will send everyone associated with a team an email announcing the dabstudios gallery for that team. To send this email message, we need to coordinate with a team parent who is in charge of distributing information to the team members and parents.  If you are a team parent for a team that dabstudios has photographed and you have not been contacted by dabstudios, please send an email to .

Photo Galleries Passwords

All dabstudios photo galleries are password protected.  Information on the dabstudios and Shutterfly privacy policies can be found in the Privacy section of the About Us page.  When game or event albums are added to a gallery, a message with the access information and password is sent to the team members, parents and any other family members who have requested that they be added to the notification list.  If you do not have the password for a gallery, please contact .

Accessing a Photo Gallery

You can find a specific photo gallery by knowing which school year, September through August, and which sport you are looking for.  Individual school year gallery pages are available through the menu items on the left side of every page.  The Galleries page has a Galleries by School Year tab that contains an image and label for each school year gallery page.  Click on the school year galleries image or label for the school year you are interested in.

A school year gallery page is organized into three sets of tabbed sections.  Each tab contains all the galleries for a sport or category that were photographed during the school year.  If the sport or event you want to see is not in the currently visible tab, click on the text in the desired sport or gallery tab to make that tab's contents visible.  Tabs that are colored yellow have no photo albums and cannot be selected.

Click on a specific gallery image or label to view that gallery.  Once you click on this link, you will be directed to the dabstudios Shutterfly Pro Galleries website.  You will be asked to "Sign In" by entering the gallery password.  Once you have entered the password, you will see a page that shows you all the albums in the gallery.  Select an album to view by clicking on the link in the album box.  Now you are ready to choose photos to have printed!

If you experience difficulty finding or accessing a gallery or album, please contact .